Bordeaux sightseeing

During the weekend we didn't have any games. In EGC 2008 we also played the weekend tournament, but it is a bit tiresome to play so many games and we wanted to rest and see some more of Bordeaux.

Girlwing and I looked at the Bordeaux city map and discussed what we should do. We decided to focus on the old parts of the town and to see a couple of churches.

First we took the tram to Place des Quinconces. It is a large open area where it used to be a defense building for the city. When it was no longer needed they tore it down and this large empty space was left.

At Place des Quinconces they also erected a huge pillar with interesting bronze statues on the sides.

This is outside Place de la Bourse where they have an interesting fountain where people play in the water. It is a lot of fun for kids and even adults.

 The theatre.

 Outside the theatre.

 A crowded shopping street.


View down a street.

We went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. We drank this wine with our food. It is a wine from Saint Emilion where we went earlier in the week.

The fancy shopping street after closing hours.

The Bordeaux tram.

Might be a small triumphal arch.

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