Faye Wong - Jiang Ai

This is my favorite Chinese artist Faye Wong or Wong Fei or 王菲 with her best song in my opinion Jiang Ai. Other great songs she made are Impatience and Love life.


Main course

Tasty fish with mashed potatoes and sauce.

First course

You guess what it is... Tasty anyway! :)

After work beer

First beer! :D

Lunch bread

This is my lunch bread. They put the butter in the bread for me. I've never seen that before. :P

Lunch at Stadshotellet Västerås

We are having business planing at Stadshotellet in Västerås. This is our lunch. Tasty tasty! :)


Go Rules Dispute Video

Mr Breakfast posted a video about the go rules dispute I wrote about earlier. It is a video of the actual event. Not the best sound but quite interesting to see! :)


New BMC Home Page?

Yesterday I and a couple of AR System consultants were talking about the ugly Home Page we have in our ARS ITSM 7.0 environment.

We have the standard out of the box stuff with links to the left and a huge empty blue void on the right side. I want to build something useful on that empty space but so far there have not been enough of a business need for that.

Then one of the consultants mention that he saw this new cool Home Page in arslist. So I dug down and found it. Yes it is cool and you can see it in the picture here. But as I understand it, this is nothing that you will get out of the box, this is an example of what you can build with the technology that BMC will release in mid 2010.

It looks cool but then the question for me will be... Will my company find a business need for me to let me build something like this for them? Probably not, because we are aiming really hard at buying more and more applications out of the box and not customizing anything. Everything should be configurable.

This is both good and bad...

Bad because I will not be developing as much as before.
Good because it will force me to change career.  ;)