European Go Congress 2011

During two weeks in the summer of 2011 the 55th European Go Congress (EGC 2011) will be held in Bordeaux, France. It is very exciting because both Girlwing and I will be there to play in the tournament.

We've only participated in an EGC once before and that was when it was held in Leksand, Sweden in 2008. In 2008 it was the largest EGC ever and this year Bordeaux seem to break that record. In 2008 there were 718 players in the tournament and this year it seem to be at least 726 players. Some might drop off and other might sign up late so we will see the exact number when it is all over.

As usual in the EGC we will have no tournament games on Wednesdays so we will make plans for some sightseeing on those days. This year we have also decided to not play in the weekend tournament and instead use the weekend for relaxation and seeing old houses and stuff.

We will of course play all games in the main tournament and probably participate in the pair go tournament, but we will probably not play any small boards or blitz games.

We have both been very lazy and have not been practicing anything. For Girlwing it will probably not be a big problem because she is so strong that she have her mad elite skills deeply burned into her bone. It is far worse for me but I hope I get warmed up in the second week so I at least can defend the honor of my current rank of 4 kyu.

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Massiv avundsjuka..
Lycka till! :)