Second game and pair go

The second day people seem to have fallen in to the French time schedule and a lot of people were showing up very late for their games. Both Girlwing and I had to wait for half an hour until or opponents showed up. I played another 5k and Girlwing had to play against a 4D.

My game started quite OK but soon I got too much territory in the centre and not enough solid territory on the sides. I only had one corner. So I tried to go all in and secure what I had and try to reduce for my opponent. I failed badly. I almost didn't get any territory in the middle and in the end I lost a lot of stones there, so I ended up losing the game.

Girlwing played her game very fast and was sitting and reading while I played my game. It seemed like she had an easy game today. Now when she have two wins we hope she will play someone in the top boards.

GN[egc game 2]PW[Boywing]PB[French guy]WR[4k]BR[5k]DT[2011-07-25]EV[EGC 2011]RO[2]PC[Bordeaux, France]WT[Sweden]BT[France]RE[W+Resign]SW[19]

The pair go tournament started in the afternoon at 15:30. Girlwing and I played as a pair of course. She is 5D and I am 4k and our rankings are a little bit too far from each others for us to be able to play a good game. The weaker player will usually not be able to follow up the stronger players intentions.

Our first opponents were a 3D and a 18k. They were expecting handicap and were quite disappointed when they realised they wouldn't get any. The 18k played very well and didn't do any big mistakes, only a couple of slow moves. We got a big lead in territory and there was not much they could do so they resigned.

The second round in the pair go was half an hour late and this time we met a 3D and a 2D. Just when they sat down Girlwing told me "Now we lose, they are both strong". Ahh, what the heck, it is just for fun. We played really well and was ahead in territory. After a lot of fighting we managed to cut and kill a large group and the game was over.

PW[3D-2D]PB[Girlwing-Boywing]DT[2011-07-25]C[Pair-Go EGC 2011. Round 3 Girlwing-Boywing against a German guy 2D and his wife a korean girl 3D

Girlwing-Korean girl-Boywing-German guy]RE[B+Resign]
;B[pk]C[Black win by resign])

Again the next round was very late but finally the pairing was up and we saw we would play against a 7D and a 1D. This game was much harder and we got behind in territory. Girlwing tried some smart sequences and I managed to follow even tough I didn't really understand the game but in the end of the last sequence I played wrong and all hope was gone. After that we never found any chance to catch up so we had to resign the game.

The final round were supposed to start at 22:00 but the pairing came at 23:00. At that time people were tired and annoyed by all the waiting. I looked at the pairing and saw that we got paired with the same opponents as previous round, so we had to complain. The same happened to another couple. After some confusion and organizers running around they switched the pairing for a couple of boards. We sat down and waited for our opponent that never showed up. A lot of pairs never came to their games and I understand them. It was late. So we had to sit and wait for half an hour until our opponents time ran out so we could get our win.

The next day I saw on the results that we waited in vain. Only pairs with four wins will continue to the qualifying rounds. A disturbing thing is that a lot of pairs had four wins but only eight of them will play the qualifying rounds. It seems like they didn't use any pairing algorithm, only manual random pairing. The strongest pairs never played each others I was told. We have to look at the results later. Not that it matters for us but I would like to understand what people complain about.

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