First game at EGC

 Ahhh today is the first day of the main tournament games. Big expectation and anticipation for the worlds largest go event. Almost a thousand amateur go players from all around the world is gathered and a lot of go professionals as well.

The first round was supposed to start at 09:30 in the morning but of course there were delays. For some time it was a bit chaotic and one of the organizers announced that there will be no games today. We didn't take that too seriously because that is unthinkable, so we continued to wait. One hour late the pairing was up and we could find our table and our opponent.

There were a lot of small tables in each room and there was not a lot of space. The go boards hardly fit on the table but there were no real problem to play. As we say in Sweden "If there is room for our hearts, there is room for our butts".

I played against a 5k French player. It was an even battle but in the end I was ahead but short of time. My opponent then threaten to kill some stones in a complicatedly shaped group of mine. I was too stressed to be able to read it out so I took the safe way and sacrificed a stone and a couple of points. That was my last mistake that changed the outcome of the game and I lost by two points. At least Girlwing won her game against a 4D player. I hope for better luck tomorrow.

GN[Round 1]PW[French guy]PB[Boywing]WR[5k]BR[4k]DT[2011-07-24]EV[EGC 2011]RO[1]PC[Bordeaux, France]WT[France]BT[Sweden]RE[W+2.50]

After the games we went out to find a supermarket. In Sweden I am used to that the supermarkets are open all days in the week, but not in France. Here they close at lunch time if they are open at all. So now we are running low on food, but I think we have enough for breakfast tomorrow morning. Otherwise we can buy some potato chips in the playing venue.

After the game we also went to listen to a 9p Chinese commenting the top boards games.

For dinner I ate a American French pizza. The most fat pizza I ever ate!

A church outside the pizza place.

This girl sat on the wall of an old building we passed on our way to the closed supermarket.

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