Weekend tournament

We played the weekend tournament but I am not sure it was a good idea to do it. We was tired after the first week of the main tournament. Three games on saturday and I started by losing the first two.

The first game I played against a underrated spanish 6 kyu. I lost by 9.5 points. Not much to say... he was stronger than me.

The second game I played against a 6 kyu I won over in the main tournament. It was a comfortable game I was ahead and winning. Then I made a simple one point jump in to her territory and she peeped and I connected. Very natural. But the problem was that she could poke out one of my eyes from the peeping stone. So there I was with a one eye group of maybe 30 stones, totally surrounded by enemy stones. I made some fruitless attempts to live but I had to resign. I didn't think! So stupid!

Third game started at 20:something. This game was very easy for me. I could do whatever I wanted. Now I didn't do any stupid misstake and won bt 19.5 points.

Next morning came game 4. I could feel that this player didn't have so much experience. He play strange. Sometimes very timid and sometimes bad overplays. Bad sense of shape. But he was reading good. I have a huge corner and he don't have too much territory. I was sure to walk a win. Then he invades my corner... I kind of ignores a couple of moves and he managed to escape and connect along the edge. That was a lot of points... I have to figure something out. So I start to invade and reduce and expand and in the end I had lost by 1.5 points. Ooohh... 2 points is nothing for a 5 kyu. I could have found them anywhere on the board. But I didn't mind much. I did a good game. What I did mind was that my opponent is an idiot. After the game he said that he didn't do any misstakes and he had read all combinations (So why are you only 5k?). Then we cleared the board and as usual I cleared both black and white stones and put in each bowl but my opponent only cleared half of his stones (I did the other half) and then he left, so I had to sit and clear the rest of the board myself. I don't know his name so I wrote "Idiot" on the kifu.

The last game I played against an experienced player but maybe not a very good reader. We both have very large moyos but he have more territory. I was a little wreckless in the beginning of my invasions and tenuki a little too early so a corner died. Then I had to get brave and I jump in deep and managed to escape/live but in the process my opponent take a big bite of my territory. Close to the end I am in byo yomi and I don't have time to count but I tried anyway while my opponent was thinking. I counted that I was about ten points behind. I had one chance left thanks to some "aji" from an earlier invasion that didn't work. I make a threat and he doesn't see the danger and I atari for an connect and die. He resign and I felt a bit bad. It is not as fun to win a game in the endgame from a misstake. But I was worth it if we look at what happened in game 2. Bad luck + good luck = even.

So I won two games and I lost three. Not a great result but I guess it points at my current skill. Now we have five another days of the main tournament and then we will go home and practise. :P

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