Third game at EGC

The day after the pair go I was tired and this time it was me who was late by fifteen minutes and my opponent was waiting for me. This game I was playing a 6kyu player that had won both his earlier games. Let's hope for better luck this time.

At the same time Girlwing was playing the talented Cristian Pop 7D. She was not hoping for much success but she would try and play her usual game and then we see how far that will take her.

My opponent started as black and played the Chinese opening. I played wrong a couple of times and my opponent soon had a territorial lead. When Girlwing later looked at my game she said that he is stronger than me and have good sense of shape. I hardly understand the concept of good shape so he punished me and played at my weak spots to take advantage of my bad shape. That is quite painful in the game of go.

RU[Chinese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[5400]OT[15/300 Canadian]
GN[EGC Round 3]PW[Boywing]PB[French guy]WR[4k]BR[6k]DT[2011-07-26]EV[EGC]RO[3]PC[Bordeaux, France]WT[Sweden]BT[France]RE[B+5.50]

I managed to invade the upper side and to secure some points but I was never able to catch up entirely and in the end I lost by around five points. So now I have three losses in a row and no wins. It will become very hard to reach my EGC2008 record of seven wins out of ten games, But as I wrote in an earlier post I expect to lose many games the first week and hope for more in the second week. I am very happy if I manage to get five wins totally, but we'll see about that.

After my game I went to see Girlwings game. It was very exciting but as I counted Girlwing was behind by ten points. She invaded the side and captured nine stones but at the same time giving up many stones in the center. They say she gained in that exchange. In the last moves I counted a win for Girlwing by 1.5 points, but when they counted she had lost by 0.5 points. Anyway, good game Girlwing!

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