Sixth game at EGC

The second week of EGC just started and the sixth game has been played. I feared that I had to play another French guy and this time it could have been a 9 kyu player. But when I looked at the pairing I was happy to see that I was about to play against a 6 kyu player from Spain.

I was sitting closest to the window where the strong sun was shining directly in to the room. I pulled the curtains so I didn't get the sun in my face. That didn't help much from the warmth the sun gave to the room. It was almost hard to breathe. I was just hoping this warm room would affect my opponent more than me. But Spanish people should be used to warm conditions compared to a Swede like me.

I started with a Chinese opening as black. My opponent invaded directly and I answered with a standard variation. Soon I started to play strange and my attack was not so affective.

RU[Chinese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[5400]OT[15/300 Canadian]
GN[EGC Round 6]PW[Spanish guy]PB[Boywing]WR[6k]BR[4k]DT[2011-08-01]EV[EGC 2011]RO[6]PC[Bordeaux, France]WT[Spain]BT[Sweden]RE[B+Resign]
;B[ck]C[White resign])

Soon my opponent invaded the upper right side and I made it too easy for him to live. At least I got sente and I approached his upper left corner stone. White played the wrong joseki but I didn't find a good way to continue from it so I left my stones and approached the lover left instead. A better way should be to invade that corner directly to take away his points.

After some luck and not so great play from my opponent I managed to close off the right side and now it started to look good with the balance of territory. My opponent invaded my upper right corner and both I and him played wrong so his stones did in the end and I kept my corner territory.

Next I managed to close off the center even more and then my opponent thought it was time to invade. Sadly for him he didn't manage at all and just helped me to close it completely. He got a ponnuki instead but that is not worth so much this late in the game. It gives some strength to his next invasion.

So he invaded the lower side at H3. I believed that this was not possible so I answered in the strongest way I could imagine. It didn't go as I planned. I misread as usual. But as you can see in the variation it was still possible for me to connect my stones. I didn't see that so I started my hunt for two eyes. At this point I didn't believe that could be able to win any more, but I have to try and do my best.

I run out into his territory and after a lot of reading and playing threatening moves, I managed to get two eyes for my group and my opponent resigned. So I won my first game in the main tournament. That was about time! I just hope that I will keep playing more players at my level and that I don't make so many big mistakes.

In the evening there were rengo and rapid tournaments. Girlwing and I didn't participate in any of them. Instead we walked around and talked to people and looked at games.

In the middle of the tournament the fire alarm went off again and everybody had to go out to the grass field. This is the second time this happened. I do not know if there are people smoking inside or if there is a glitch in the alarm system.


pel said...

Nice to get a win!
I was holding my thumbs!

Good work by girlwing too :)

Boywing said...

Yes it was about time! I hope for a couple of more wins as well. Girlwing is not so happy about her performance so far. She lost games she should have won.