Studying Chinese

I am studying chinese. It is really hard... I've been told that I write like a chinese five year old. I guess that is OK if you know that Chinese five year olds are forced to study really hard. What do you think of my writing in the picture?

I've been studying in a really slow pace for half a year. The students in the class were not very interested in studying and the teacher didn't give us any homework so each chapter took at least two weeks. It is hard to blame the teacher because if she was being too hard on the students then they would just drop off and not come back. It's a pity that diligent and lazy students are forced to stay in the same class, but there are not enough students to make several classes.

Anyway I have not decided yet if I will continue with level 2 this fall. I can probably study faster and learn more if I study on my own. The problem then will be to push myself to continue to study every week. If I manage to continue,  maybe I'll post a blog in Chinese later if I have learned that much.

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