Wen Den dumplings

The first time I visited Girlwings parents two years ago they treated me with typical Shanghai dumplings called Wen Den (馄饨). They are really tasty and they now make it for me every time I come to Shanghai. This time I am staying for three weeks so I will probably have it a couple of times. We'll see.

I don't know exactly how they are made or what is in them but I know there are pork meat, Pak Choi, shrimp and some other stuff. This is chopped into small pieces and mixed like you see in the picture. Then you take some and put in the dumping skin which is something similar to fresh baked pasta.

Then you fold it in a fancy way like this.

And they are ready to cook.

You boil them in water and that is some special procedure. Just when the water starts to boil you pour some cold water in it and wait until it starts to boil again and pour some cold water in it so it stops boiling. You do this three times I think and when it starts to boil the last time the dumplings are ready to eat. We like to add some home made chili paste to make it more spicy.

When you come to Shanghai, you must try Wen Den!

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