If there is something I have learned in China then that is to try and taste everything. And I have so far tasted everything except the brain two years ago but if I get the chance again then I will probably try the brain, at least once.

Now it was time to try sliced stomach with bamboo shoots. I have heard stories that it is like dishcloth both in texture and taste, so I was a bit cautious when I put it in my mouth. I started chewing and it was actually not so bad. It is a bit like the jellyfish I tried my first day in Shanghai. Doesn't taste much really. A bit bouncy but easy to chew anyway. It could have been dried toufu.

We ate something more as well...

Lion head, Shi Zi Tou (狮子头)

Tasty fish, Bao Yu (爆鱼)

Delicious vegetables

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