Chinese fika

Girlwing likes to fika. A lot... So we try to fika when we got the chance. It can be a bit hard to find any regular coffee place in Shanghai so often you might have to try something different.

You can find these alleged low quality coffee places like Starbucks (which actually is 100 times better in China than the copy Waynes coffee in Sweden) in Shanghai but it is more interesting to try the local stuff.

So we went in to a modern Chinese tea house and sat down at a table in the middle of the room. Soon I started to curse the absence of regulations against smoking in public places like this. People were smoking at most of the tables. Try to switch on the ignore mode in my brain and enjoy the moment.

We got the menus and they were impressing. They had everything and a little more that you can think of involving tea. It was not easy to make your pick but finally I decided on a cold sweet and sour green plum and green tea with aloe vera cubes and Girlwing took a cold honey green tea.

You can see my beverage in the front and Girlwings in the back. In the middle and in the beginning of this article you can see the sweet potato strips which is quite close to regular potato strips but red in colour with a little sweeter taste.

Girlwing didn't like her drink so much because she thought it was too sweet. I liked my tea even though it didn't resemble much of a tea and it was quite sour. The aloe vera cubes at the bottom was tasty and easy to suck up through the wide straw. It would be a great drink for a hot summers day.

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