Street life

It is always interesting to walk around in the areas where local people live. The tourists shopping streets are fun as well but gets boring rather quick. They look a lot the same where ever you are in the world as a tourist.

So try to get off the big streets and look what you can find behind them. You might find real artists like this man who made toys for small kids after their comments and orders. The whole process was a great game for both the kids and the artist and also for us watching it. It was amazing how fast he could work with the clay and such details he could form in the small dolls.

Food can be found everywhere on the streets. You have restaurants in every block that are really cheap and if you want to eat even cheaper you have these BBQ or dumplings for just a couple of yuan.

Street food in China is very different from Sweden. In Sweden we have hotdogs and that's it. In China the most common are different kinds of BBQ of chicken, pork, lamb, beef, toufu, vegetables, bread and seafood. It is also common with dumplings in all shapes and sizes. Then you have the Chinese "pancakes", as I call them, which are made in a similar way as pancakes but they add egg, toufu, onion, soya and spices. Most of it is very tasty and something you must dare to try.

After your meal you can even find to buy cookies on the street. Of course you can find fruit, nuts and candy there as well and the prices are really nice.

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