Pig skin

We went to Girlwings parents to eat lunch. Her mother is a great cook and I am treated with all kind of delicious food every time I am there eating. This time I got a bit of an unplesant surprise.

Before we ate Girlwing said something about pig skin but I didn't think much about it because I have seen that dish before and I would recognize it if I saw it again.

We sat down eating and it was so good that I forgot everyting what pig skin is and I tried everything on the table. Then at the end of the meal I was about to take some glass noodles from the soup in the middle and I got something extra with the chopsticks. Girlwing and her parents said something and looked at me and I asked what is was. She said "Nothing, you are just brave and try everything". But I felt something was a bit odd so I asked what I just had picked up and she said "No it is just some vegetable", so I put it in my mouth and shewed. Soon I realized what just ahd happened because the sensation in my mouth was nothing like a vegetable and I asked "Is this pig skin?". She said yes and looked a bit guilty. I said "I hate you" and tried to swallow it all without shewing any more.

The pig skin didn't taste so much really but it was really scary to eat just becuase I knew it was pig skin and for some reason that makes me feel a bit sick. They eat quite a lot of pig skin in China in several different ways (that I know now). It is supposed to contain a lot of stuff that is good for giving you a beautiful skin. Maybe that is more effective than buying expensive designed chemical bombs like "anti wrinkle freeze time young forever magic super cream" that so many put on their face. Beauty comes from inside.

In the picture you can see:
Beef and onion (Yang Cong Niu Rou, 洋葱牛肉), Toufu with vegetable (鸡毛菜炒豆腐皮),pork with sweet potato in tomato sauce (Qie Zhi Bi Qi Rou Pian 茄汁荸荠肉片),Tou Fu (Si Xi Kao Fu 四喜考夫),Soup (Tang, 汤)

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