Street butcher

Girlwing just went to buy her favourite dumplings by the street. I am standing outside the queue in the middle of the road watching the street life. There are thousands of Chinese in the area even if it is just after lunch hours. This is a food area with small stands everywhere selling food of all different kinds. To every stand there are queues. Some longer than others so it is easy to see what kind of food that most people like. One queue was insanely long to some kind of special duck soup.

Suddenly when I stand there looking around a man comes out from a restaurant nexwhere Girlwing is standing in queue for dumplings. The man have a deep frozen lamb on his shoulder and walks to a big solid wooden butcher table and slammed the animal on to the table.

In his hand he have a big axe like knife and soon he starts to hit the animal again and again in attempts to cut it up in smaller pieces. It takes some work but soon he made it. It was a popular view and many stopped for a while to watch the man work.

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