I was recently at Pizzahut and ate a pizza. With the pizza I tried a purple drink of a berry called waxberry. I had never heard of it before and when I tried the drink I really liked it a lot.

So today when we went into a small supermarket I asked if we could find a waxberry juice. We bought a similar juice called Suan Mei Tang (sour berry juice) and I also found dried waxberries.

As soon as I came up to the hotel room I opened the package and the scent that came out of the package was quite heavy with complex aromas and very sweet.

I took out a couple of berries and as you can see it looks a lot like poo or something. I put one into my mouth and all kind of taste sensations flow over me, kind of when you try an expensive wine but it flow down to the so well known taste of Swedish glögg.

Quite amazing... a berry tasting so much alike glögg.