Lunch is always an exciting and nice thing. Every day I am treated with different dishes. Not often will I see the same dish served twice unless they get the impression that I like something more than the others.

This lunch is like most others. We get several things to eat. Up here to the left you can see a whole chicken crushed to pieces and mixed with potatoes and a tasty sauce. Really good but a bit tricky for an untrained western guy to eat off the meat from the bones so I searched for the more meaty pieces.

On every food table you can find a soup. The soups have a lot of food in them like meatballs, fish balls, ham, vegetables and noodles.

One of my favourite dishes: Eggs and tomatoes!

Maybe we can call these "green fingers"? They are very tasty anyway... :)

And in the end of the meal we get the rice to fill out the empty holes in the belly.

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