Sticky rice balls

During a lunch with some neighbours we got treated with some tasty sticky rice dumplings. It is a special sweet kind that are quite common.

I have tasted these sticky rice balls a couple of times earlier but these are the largest ones I have ever tried. The ones I've been used to so far are about 1.5 cm in diameter and these big ones are closer to 3-4 cm in diameter. They seem to be served as a sweet dessert or just some snack between the meals. The balls are heated/boiled in water and are also served with the water as you can see.

The white balls are made from some kind of rice flour and are soft and very sticky. They are slippery and should be eaten with a spoon instead of chopsticks. Be careful even if you use a spoon or they will escape when you are not looking.

Be careful when you are about to take a bite because the filling is very hot after the boiling. Usually the filling is a sweet mixture of sugar and either black sesame seeds or red beans. In this picture the filling is made of the sweet red beans.

You can buy them pre made and frozen in the supermarket or you can make your own.

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