Shanghai World Financial Center

Here are some pictures from when we went to Shanghai World Financial Center. It is the second highest building in the world and the tallest building in the world to its roof. It looks just like a giant beer opener and actually you could buy miniature copies of the building with the function as a cool beer opener.

So you don't get confused... It is the building to the right that is the highest one with its 101 floors and 492 meters. The other beautiful building to the left is the Jin Mao Tower and that one have 88 floors and 421 meters including the antenna.

A cool image I took on the way there.

Another cool picture I took of the building.

Here we arrive at 435 meters and 95th floor.

This is a view you can see when you are standing on the 94th floor and looking out over the Jin Mao Tower and the TV tower. The famous TV tower, The Oriental Pearl Tower, is the strange building with large balls on its body.

It is a really great view as you can see and next time I will go there during daytime. But it have to be a clear day and not one of those foggy ones you are used to in these huge cities.

Panorama of a street in Shanghai with the TV tower to the left.

Vertical panorama of Jin Mao Tower.

Vertical panorama of Jin Mao Tower, again.

Vertical panorama of Shanghai World Financial Center.

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