Chinese green tea

Before I can leave China and go back to Sweden I have to buy some real green tea. It is hard to find in a good quality for a good price back home.

Since I visited China for the first time in 2006, I have been fascinated by their green tea. It can not be compared to the cheap crap that for example Lipton makes and the imported green tea that I have tried have been old and lost most of its aroma.

I also had talked to some colleges that are interested in real Chinese green tea and I had promised to try to buy some tea home for them too. I knew that we didn't have so much space in our suitcases but I had set my mind to buy anyway even if it was just a little.

Girlwings parents are friends with a tea dealer in the area so we all went there together to buy some tea.

As you can see the store is not very big or fancy and they even sell some electronics like lamps and clocks to have on the wall.

Directly when you come in you have different kinds of green tea for display. These are the cheapest kinds in the range of 1.9 to 15 yuan for 50 grams.

We were out for the middle range of quality and those were to find behind the counter. There even exist some really fancy teas for several thousands per 50 grams but I doubt that they have them in stock here. I know that you can find them down town.

Under the glass counter there are small bowls with tea samples of a lot of different kinds. They vary a lot in price and quality. You kind of want to buy a little of them all to try.

As a bonus we bought a bag of dried red berries that you are supposed to put into hot water together with the tea. They say that the berries are good for your eyes because of the high content of vitamin A.

And of course they also sell special tea bottles. They have a lot in glass or clay and even metal thermoses. I personally use plastic bottles from FuGuang.

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