Cheap Shanghai hotel

As a contrast to the nice hotel we stayed at for a couple of nights, I want to show you this cheap hotel that we stayed at before we went home to Sweden again.

This hotel is very close to Girlwings parents and is famous as a hotel for old diplomats or something similar. Once a time, long ago this was a very fancy hotel but with time it has turned old and worn down. It needs a lot of repairs and attention to become fancy again. Meanwhile it is a cheap hotel for people who don't care much how they live. We pay 132 yuan per night for two beds.

The entrance. We didn't get any key to the room, so we had to ask the girl guarding this floor every time we wanted to get in to the room and she came to open for us.

The beds are rock hard. I had to ask for an extra blanket to have under me when I sleep.

The beauty place.

The toilet and shower/bathtub. The shower is really bad because of low water pressure. I never dare to use the bathtub for a bath.


mohsart said...

Looks pretty much like the hotels I stayed at in Xi'an and Beijing, 150 and 250 yuan per night respectively. Though I didn't have a bathtub, only a shower.
I think it was ok rooms, the double bed was soft enough for me and I got my own key for the room.
Only thing I didn't like was the heating system, really noisy and sitting at the ceiling so not very effective...

Boywing said...

Yes the room is ok. Nothing else. For this price you can not complain a lot.

I have lived in this hotel twice before for several nights and it works ok.

This time we got a noisy heater so we had to turn it of while sleeping. I didn't have this problem the earlier stays.