Shanghai old town

After checking in to the hotel we started our mini vacation in Shanghai. Of course we start with the old town or City God Temple as it also is called which is what the Chinese name 城隍庙 (Chénghuángmiào) means.

Famous house in the water

Famous red fish in the water

A house in the famous Yuyuan garden

End mountain end road. This is an old saying in China and means something like, when you come to the end of the mountain there will be an end of the road, but if you turn around you will see that the road continues on the other side of the mountain. That can be described further with if you have a problem, turn around and look at the problem with a different view and you will see how to solve your problem. Wow... you see how effective the Chinese characters are. Just four characters to fill all this meaning.

This path are two! Actually on the other side of the thin wall there is a similar path. One is for men and the other is for women.

Then there are small holes or windows in the wall for the two to steal looks at each others and maybe stay for a quick talk or a kiss.

Detail of a plant in the garden

A small house on a fake mountain

Chinese grass

A beautiful view. Maybe my future summer house on the Swedish north east coast.

A fish with a huge brain?

Calligraphy master

The result

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