Last Chinese dinner

Almost time to leave... so this is the last dinner I eat in China. So sad... I will miss the food! Girlwings mother is very good at cooking and she has been spoiling all of us for the time we've been in Shanghai.

Every meal have had unique dishes. It took almost a week until I saw the same dish again and then only because I had said some day that I liked a certain dish or maybe ate one more than the others.

Because this is the last dinner that we have together for a long time in China, they wanted to make something extra special. So they went and bought a bunch of crabs. This was interesting so I took a lot of pictures of the process. I guess they eat a lot of this on the Swedish west coast, but for me this is new.

Here are the crabs waiting for a spa treatment.

First they get cleaned well with this massage brush. Some liked this treatment...

...while others were a bit confused and tried to grab you with their claws. Be careful they can make you bleed!

So for their own good we bind their claws to their body. Tight and firm... I could hear some of their shell crack under the pressure. But it is ok, the crabs didn't say anything to complain.

Here you can see how happy and relaxed they feel now.

They even get a friend to lie and talk to.

Now it is time for the steam sauna and all the crabs join together and wait for the next treatment to begin.

Here we go! Ohh the steam is cleansing every part.

You can see how cosy they have it in the warm steamy sauna.

And out of the steam bath showing a new golden glow to the shell feeling soft and juicy in every muscle and internal organ.

See how beautiful he got! Even the hairy claws have a glow to them. The crabs tasted good too. :)

The rest of the dishes we ate were:

Jelly fish and onion

Ah, this is the ginger/soya sauce that we dip the crab meat in.

Soft fresh toufu and... hmm.. pork and some sauce.

Tasty tasty vegetables

A simple favourite, egg and tomato.

And finally the pigs feet soup.


Anonymous said...

Always after these kinds of posts cannibalism seems perfectly normal.

Boywing said...

Yes it is a bit creepy that we eat other animals and plants, so why not eat each others too? All are life. All life is one.