Hotel Yun's Paradise

Today we checked out from the old hotel we have lived in so far in Shanghai. It was a quite disgusting hotel but cheap. We pay 200 yaun per night including free Internet and Chinese breakfast.

But now it was time to try something more fancy during a two day vacation. Yun's Paradise! This hotel cost 1500 yuan per night but we are lucky that they are doing major constructions in the area around the hotel so the price is set to half and we pay only 750 yuan per night. The constructions in the area are that they are building fancy malls and high houses all around so when that is done the hotel room prices will probably double to 3000 per night.

The good thing about the hotel is that it is located just besides the old town and within a walking distance to the famous shopping street Nanjing road.

I have only good things to say about this hotel even if I can believe that you can live more fancy in China. This is anyway the most fancy I have lived anywhere so far. Some pictures...

The corridor leading to our room

The room entrance seen from inside.

The bed! The best bed in China ever! I miss that bed... To the right of the bed we have a couch, a small table and a sofa.

Working desk by the window, a small dining table to the left and closest we have another sofa for watching TV. The TV is a huge flat wide-screen HDTV that is turnable. At the moment it is turned to the bed.

The bathroom

The bathtub

The beauty place

Shower and toilet

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