A usual day

Very tired and had no time to shave or do my hair. Just shower.

5 minutes late for class. But it's ok. One persn did not show up at all and two others were later than me. The teacher was in the classroom and eating bread when I came. So a couples of minutes later the class started

We went through some josekis from 10-12.

Lunch made for us that we ate in the classroom. Very good!
Lunch was an hour late...

Then we had afternoon class which is that we play games. I played agains Chili with 3 stones and I won by resignation. The teacher used that game for todays review on the big go board because of an interesting fight in a corner. I played MrKibbles also that I won by resignation.

Later we ate dinner that we order partly by ourselves. The chineese friends were at the table next to ours. As always delicious.

Then we played games in the classroom just for fun. I played agains my teacher (chineese 5D) with 6 stones handicap. I lost by 28 points. But very fun!

Then it is late again. The time is 01:38 and I have to take a shower and get a shave before I go to bed. I believe that I will be too tired in the morning to do it then.

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