The great wall

This morning I woke upp very early by a loud noise. I believed that is was the door bell but I did not bother to do anything because there are three people sleeping just next to the door. Soon it stopped and I went back to sleep. Nobody came in. Later I was thinking about that it could have been an alarm sounding when the power got back online again. It was supposed to be shut of at 5 in the morning and then soon be on again. But later I heard that the power was never out so now I am wondering if it was just a dream... Well... this might need some more investigation.

I got upp and went to the west gate where the buss was supposed to be waiting for us. It was not yet there but most from our gang was there waiting.

During bus trip we chatted and solved some tesujis on my moble phone.

The wall was indeed great! Great view! Awsome construction.

There were People selling stuff at the base of the stairs up to the wall. They where shouting and running up to us with their stuff and wanted us to buy. "Only one dollar!" I just said "Sorry I don't have anny dollars..." and they stared wondering at me. Maybe they did not understand english or they thought it was strange that I didn't carry any dollars. Some of the guys bought hats and fans and they did a pretty good job with the bargening.

We all came upp on the wall and walked a bit on it. Then we stopped to eat lunch and playing go at the wall. The lunch was a large peice of bread with pineapple jam inside. Later a guy from our group walking on his hands down the stairs on the wall. That looked quite cool.

Then it was time to walk down again. I had no problem walking up all the stairs but it was really exausting for my legs to walk down. It was almost that my legs could not support me the last part of the descent.

Two guys went going further away on the wall and didn't come back and they had to take the local buss home. We waited a long time for them and we tried to call them and tell them to hurry but the mobile phones did not work up there. So we had to leave them. I am sure that was a fun adventure for them to get home by themselves.

On the bus ride home everybody was really tired and most of us went to sleep. As usual I can not sleep on busses or airplanes but that was ok.

When I got back home and looked myself in the mirror I realised that I had burned my neck in the sun. Not to bad but a sunblock would have been good to wear today.

Later we had dinner and drank Bao Yaou. We all got a bit drunk and that was a bit fun. The dinner was at a "Hot pot" place. Hot pot is two sauces that are slowly boiling and you put raw meat and vegetables in it for a while. One sauce is white and mild, the other is read and super spicy hot. I was sitting by the spicy sauce and it really hurted in my mouth when I ate it. God but too spicy.

Back to the classroom I played two blitz games. I won first an even game agains a 10 kyu after that I won an even game against a 5 kyu. But we all were a bit drunk so that doesn't say anything really.

Now it is time to shower, shave and get some sleep.

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