The police called us in

Yesterday I sat the alarm on my mobile phone on 09:30. That believed that it would give me enough sleep. I calculated that in the last 61 hours I had gotten 4 hours of sleep. No wonder that I was tired. I fell asleep as soon as I put my head on my pillow. Then I woke up when the chineese pros came in to the appartment to sleep. But that was ok... I went right back to sleep again. Then the alarm woke up at 09:30 the next morning and I heard that the chineese was up and someone was taking a shower. But I was soooo tired so I shut of the alarm and went back to sleep. Then five minutes later another alarm on my phone woke me again and I had to turn that of as well. Works every time.. I always forget about the second alarm. But I went back too sleep. Later I woke again and slept again and woke again and so on... until I decided to get up at between eleven and twelve. But I was still dead tired. I went and took a look if the warm water was working and it didn't. I guess that the one showering in the morning got it cold. I took a look at the water heater and the power plug was in the socket and a lamp on the heater was shining. But no hot water. Then I saw the knob for water coming into the heater. It was shut closed so I turned it on. Then some warm water came. Great! I can take a nice shower! But the refridgerator did not start. I later complained abut it and I was told that we had to turn another knob in the hallway to turn the power on. That was just done (02:00) and now it is working.

After the shower I ate four slices of bread and some water. Because I had no workng refridgerator I had not baught anyting to put on the bread so it was a bit dry to eat but it was enough. At one o'clock I went to the class room and it seemed that I was one of the first swedes to be up. A couple of players had just left for lunch but I managed to find a person to play some go against. I played against Chili 5k and I played black with 4 stones handicap. The game was exciting and I won in the end by about 30 points. Yes! That is good! Mattias keep up the god work!

Then suddenly we were told that the police had ordered us to show up at the police station wd we should bring our passports. Oh... whats up? It seemed that we had to register ourself that we lived in that area and tell who lived in what appartment for how long time. On the way there I was told that previous the organizers had forgot to tell the police about this and there had been problems that took long to solve. But I guess they had done right this time because we just had to stay for about half an hour at the police station. The policemen seemed happy and in a good mode so nothing seemed wrong in any way. Later in the evening we even got a challenge to play a soccer game aginst the police department. We'll se how that turns out. Do we dare to win over them? ;o)

It seemed like forever but at 21:00 we went to eat. I had not eaten since twelve and I was starving. We went so the same restaurant as yesterday and soon the plates of food started to stream in. I ate and ate and ate and as usual it was delicious. We talked about the food and agreed that this is nothing like the chineese food in Sweden. I have never been specially fond of chineese food in sweden but this is something totally different. Well, I guess that the others were as hungry as me because all the plated were empty and when the bill came we had to pay $4 per person. (Yesterday we had to pay $2)

Back to the classroom I played another game of go. This time against a swedish 10k. The game started out even with a big moyo for black and one for white. After a couple of invasions it looked very good for me. One of his groups were dead in my eyes. Another close group was in danger. We faught about it and later a move appeared that I had missread and my opponent had missed it completely until now. Damn! There my group between is poor groups died. So both his groups is connected and alive and he got the whole corner that was mine. I resigned. I must play him soon again. I need a rematch!

Then I watched Myao slaughter a 3 dan on the Kim-server. It was quite fun. But I decided that it was time to go to bed so... Now the time is 02:30 and I'll go brush my teeth!

See you! :o)

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