Bad stomach...

Today when I woke up my stomach was in a bad mood. Probably from the salad I ate yesterday. I had a rather quick bathroom experience. Then a quick shave and of to class without breakfast. I wasn't that hungry so it was ok. But I got to class 15 minutes too late. The class had started... shame on me. We studied some more josekis for two hours until it was time for lunch. I was pretty hungry by then. The food was very good as usual but I didn't manage to eat it all. Soon after lunch my stomach started to feel weak again. But lucky for me no emergency, just a weak feeling. I played a game in the afternoon that was quite interesting. Maybe our teacher will review it in class later. Then it was time for dinner and I was thinking about skipping it but I decided to try to eat and see how it goes. There where no problems and I feel fine again.

During dinner a drunk chinnese man at the table next to ours started shouting in chineese. To us? No to service. He was shouting in a strange dialect so the chineese at our table had a hard time understanding what he was angry about. But later we found out that he was uset because the service was not as he expected.

After dinner I went to the mall to find some shoes. Sadly I did not find any. I'll have to go back later.

Tomorrow we will see the great wall. Up at 07:00.

00:30 good night.

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