Tenth game at EGC 2011

The final round of the EGC in Bordeaux. There is both sadness and relief in knowing that EGC is over for this time. It has been two weeks of fun and serious games but it will be nice to have some rest from the competition. Before it is all over I have to play another French player. Because of my previous wins I have moved up again to play against a 6 kyu. My opponent has already won five games before this game and among them one against a 4 kyu so he will probably be of my strength. I will probably have a chance to win my last game of the tournament. Let's do our best!

My opponent plays as black and I as white. The opening went quite well except for a reading mistake by me on the upper side that was quite big. After the white invasion on the left side I felt I had to do the same on the right side.

RU[Chinese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[5400]OT[3x30 byo-yomi]
GN[EGC Main Tournament Round 10]PW[Boywing]PB[French guy]WR[4k]BR[6k]DT[2011-08-06]EV[EGC 2011]RO[Round 10]PC[Bordeaux, France]WT[Sweden]BT[France]RE[B+Resign]
(;B[qm]LB[qh:A][qk:B]C[Possible to invade at A or B]
;B[fq]LB[kq:A]C[Black can later play at A]
(;W[jc]C[Bad jump]
(;B[jb]C[Block from wrong side]
(;B[cl]C[White have several options]
(;B[oj]C[Ladder does not work for black.]
(;W[ok]C[Bad move]
;W[ap]CR[cq][dq][eq][cr][dr][er][cs][ds][es][fs]C[White will reduce a lot of points]))
(;B[om]C[Black can do better]
;B[nn]C[Painful for white]))
(;W[ml]C[White should leave his stone in atari]))
(;W[bn]C[White should start from this side]
;W[ap]LB[bi:A][aj:B][am:D][bn:C]C[A-B and C-D exchange is good for white]))
(;B[bn]C[Huge move]))
(;B[qc]C[Black should play here]))
;B[oe]C[Better for black]))
(;W[ic]C[White should play here]
(;B[pn]C[Black should play here]))

I played a sequence on the right side that captured a stone in a ladder. Black soon played a ladder breaker and then pulled out his stone from the ladder. The problem was that the ladder breaker didn't work and neither I or my opponent read it out, we just assumed it worked. So instead we started to fight for a couple of moves and now black is ahead in the game.

I didn't really find anything to attack so it is more or less game over for me. We still played it to the end and I lost.

At the same time Girlwing played against a 6 dan again. It was a close game but she played a steady game and never gave her opponent a chance. In the end she won by 2.5 points.

So now totally Girlwing have seven wins I won three games out of ten. As I mentioned in my first post about EGC I didn't expect to win much in the first week but was hoping for better results in the second week. It was so true, but I didn't expect to play so many under ranked French players. I played against five French players the first week and I lost all five games. I feel I should have won one or two of these games. In the second week I won three out of five games, which is an OK result. Before next time I go to EGC I must do some practice before the tournament so I am warmed up and can be sure of my level.

The top two tables where the strong Koreans play.

Cristian Pop 7D and Dmitriy Surin 5D.

A lot of the players standing outside the playing venue for a group picture.

Price giving ceremony.

Dinner with the Finnish players and a couple of British as well.


Israel Wilson said...

How do you get your matches set up so that they show in blogger?

Boywing said...

First you need to manually register all the moves in the game to a sgf-file using an sgf-editor. Then you can follow my HOWTO blog post Eidogo for Blogger HOWTO.