Eighth game at EGC

For my eighth game I am paired against a French lady of 9 kyu. She won her first six games and then lost a game yesterday. I know for sure that French players are much stronger than their rank so I was expecting 4 kyu competition regardless of her rank.

She started with securing her lower left side and I played one stone under the star point on the left side and on the upper side. That made her the possibility to build a small moyo on the upper left corner before I was able to secure my left side. Directly she approached my stone on my lower right and I played an OK joseki but she was  not aggressive enough and secured her stones in a heavy shape. That gave me the possibility to play a strong shape.

Then she left her stones and approached my upper right corner. There I probably should had played a pincer instead of the kick-jump. But at least I got the chance to jump out with my middle stone and threaten her lower group. Now I got the time to play a sequence to threaten that group until it lived with only two one point eyes. Ending in sente I was able to invade the upper left moyo as well. She played wrong and I got a great result after cutting of a stone and adding that to my left side territory.

About here my phone rang (without a signal) and I hung up directly but when the kifu came back it was totally empty. I then tried to load the autosave-file but that one was empty as well. U guess the autosave had saved the empty board over the one I had entered the moves. So it was totally blank and I turned off my smartphone. So a note to the author of Gobandroid. Please fix that bug! And a note to me, turn the phone in to flight mode when you play tournament games! So all of the kifu is made from memory. There are 100% chance that the moves are in the wrong order.

RU[Chinese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[5400]OT[3x30 byo-yomi]
GN[EGC Round 8]PW[Boywing]PB[French lady]WR[4k]BR[9k]DT[2011-08-04]EV[EGC Main Tournament]RO[Round 8]PC[Bordeaux, France]WT[Sweden]BT[France]RE[W+22.50]

Anyway, soon she invaded my upper side. I did my best to defend and I should be able to kill her stones but I let her connect with some of them to her upper left side. I managed to seal off the middle and got a lot of points there. In the end my opponent invaded my middle and I have a lot of weakness and cutting points and it is absolutely possible to capture some of my stones. I had to give up some of them and I chose the four at B7. It was still not enough for her and I won in the end by 22.5. So that was my second win so far and tomorrow I'll meet a Korean 7k. Expect a lot of fighting and bad shape!

Girlwing played another 4 dan and she won. Tomorrow she will play against a Japanese 6 dan. Lets hope she wins so she can continue to play strong players. 4 dans she can play against in Sweden. :)

After our games we went in to town for some leisure time and sightseeing. Girlwing was very close to buying a Lancel handbag for €400. I told her not to because she already have a fancy handbag that is only one year old. She painfully left the handbag and cursed me for several blocks while we was walking. Women... ;)

We went in to a big church called Cathédrale st.Andre. I was not able to walk very far in to the church before I was told to take of my cap. I think only women and the priests are allowed to wear anything on their heads. I am not sure what the practical reason for that is. But I didn't mind, there was no sun in there anyway.

 A really nice big church.

 This is where the priest usually stands and brainwash the simple people.

The great church organ.

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Smernaz said...

Med webOS hade detta inte varit ett problem. För 'fönstret' som kifu-programmet kör i hade bara minimerats när telefonfönstret öppnats och maximerats. Sen hade det bara vara att byta tillbaka till kifu-programmet. :)