Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Released

Finally we have a new version 3.5 of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. As usual there are several new and improved features. The most talked about is the new "private browsing" porn mode. Other nice features are improvements to tabs, speed and the awesome "awesome bar".

There were three days ago that this Mozilla Firefox 3.5 arrived and the Mozilla Foundation have this cool live download statistics. As of this writing there are almost nine millions downloads. Quite impressive! :)

If you are new to Mozilla Firefox you can start with some nice Tips & Tricks. After that you should really take a look at all the nice
add-ons that exist for Firefox.

The first add-ons that I added was:
Have fun with your safe and fast Firefox web browser!

1 comment:

Smernaz said...

Ahh, TinyMenu had I missed, It's great in the compact theme I use on the laptop.

I use firebug, firegestures and xmarks on all my FF installations.

I will look more at weave later and maybe use that instead of xmarks. But I did not see the profile function in weave as xmarks have.