Riots in Xinjiang, China

These days there have been some media coverage about the riots in Xinjiang, China. What strikes me is how biased the news is based on who is telling them. So far the most neutral source I found is wikipedia.org. That site is probably closest to the truth, but you should never trust anything you read. So if you are interested you can read about the Ürümqi riots there.

For reference you can read some here in Swedish:


It looks like the same no matter what Swedish news paper you read. Probably because no reporter is on the remote location anyway and all information they get is from TT and for some reason this information can be trusted so no one is checking anything before printing the news.

Do you know of any truly neutral news source out there?

It is really a joke if one has to trust a wiki to get "reliable" information about current happenings.


pel said...

The situation is pretty much the same here in China (big surprise); maybe a bit worse[1] since some of the segments on TV are so clearly selected, pc and biased opinions.

The good thing is that news has been almost neutral (mostly) when it comes to casting blame.

An interesting development this morning was a very short news segment implying the same thing as this article - this would make a lot of sense.

If that is the truth (seems logical enough) I hope that the Chinese government do not just sweep this one under the carpet and instead try to deal with the problem.

[1] By worse I mean that there is no real attempt to give a clear picture on the issues - rather all they say "this is bad" and show injured people and military saving the day (which probably is a good thing btw).

Boywing said...

Yes the Chinese media is expected to more or less (usually more) write what the government want them to write. Everybody in China knows that. So they don't trust what they read.

In Sweden most people believe that they are fed with unbiased information. They trust what they read. They are so fooled.

Here in Sweden the media can say anything to sell more magazines. Don't expect to read about the truth.

pel said...

People really think that?

It is a common subject for discussion among my collegeus and friends.