Joseki Every Double Digit Kyu Should Know

As a beginner of weiqi (go) there is always this problem in how to play in the opening. The primary suggestion is to start playing in the corners and then move out along the sides and save the center for last.

But how should you play in the corners? First you can place one stone on or close to the 4-4 point and wait for the opponent to approach it. And then what? I would tell you to experiment and learn from your mistakes. Others say that you should learn Joseki. We are both right!

On Sensei's Library there is now a page about Joseki Every Double Digit Kyu Should Know. With "Double Digit Kyu (DDK)" they mean beginner players with a rank from 10 kyu to 30 kyu. A player that just learned the rules is said to have the rank of 30 kyu. I am at the moment a player of the strength 4 kyu (Singe Digit Kyu) so I don't really qualify, but I have always been ignoring to learn joseki so there is even something for me there to learn.

But remember... you don't get strong just because you know some (or a lot) of joseki by heart. You get strong when you understand the moves behind the joseki and understand how to choose the best joseki for the current board position.

So don't memorize... Study!

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