Chinese weiqi cartoon

A new Chinese cartoon about weiqi might give some hope for old Hikaru No Go fans.

I have not seen the cartoon so I have no idea what it is about, but it really looks like there is a lot of weiqi involved. I will ask Girlwing later what it is about.


Boywing said...

I realized that this is not so new. I've heard of it before. The name of the show in English should be something like "Weiqi boy".

I would love to see it with English subtitles even if Girlwing say that Chinese cartoons are usually not so good. She say that the old Chinese cartoons are good but usually not the new ones.

Does someone want to make a fan sub?

Patrick said...

If you find a fan sub of this, please post it. Even if it's a terrible cartoon, I'd probably watch it =)