I saw a Swedish star!

I saw a Swedish star! Or as we say in Sweden "Jag mötte Lassie". It was on the Stockholm Arlanda airport and I just picked up my suitcase from the luggage band. I started to walk away with my suitcase when I looked over to my right and saw this blond girl standing a couple of meters away and looking me straight into my eyes.

I was thinking "She is cute... She looks very familiar, how do I know her?". Then I realized "It is Amanda Jensen"! I like her a lot and I think that she is a very good artist. She seem to be a fun and nice person in private. I also read that she likes cats a lot, just like me. Many points to people that likes cats!

After a few seconds I realized that it is not nice to stare at people so I looked away and a couple of steps later I looked back at her and I was surprised to see that she was still looking at me. Maybe she recognized me as somebody else and believed that she knew me too.

Too bad I didn't go over there to take a picture of her and ask for an autograph. That would have been nice to have. Maybe I will get another chance later in my life. We will see...

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