Rating update

There has been an update of the official European ratings. I am on place 78 among the Swedish players and place 2677 among all the people in the European rating list. I gained 109 points during the EGC and landed on a total of 1601 points. That is supposed to be a solid 5 kyu rank. So maybe it is a little too early for me to say that I am 4 kyu. After all I have not beaten a Swedish 4 kyu or stronger yet. Maybe I have to practice a little before the next tournament so I get as strong as a 4 kyu for real.

My rating before EGC was 1492 points.
During the first weeks 5 games I gained 65 points to 1557.
Then I played really bad in the weekend tournament and lost 45 points to 1512.
In the last week I played really good and got 89 points for a final 1601 points.

I did good. But maybe I did good because other parts of Europe have weaker ratings than we have in Sweden. I might still have problems against Swedish players. We will have to see how it turns out next month in Linköping.

See you there! :)


Smernaz said...
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Smernaz said...

To bad EGD has not updated yet. There you can see you progress.