Eighth game

I won!
I started the game as black with my first four stones on the right side. Maybe not ideal but at least I will have the upper hand on that side. I made the first big mistake on (of course) the right side and then later my opponent made a big mistake on the lower left side when he allow me to dive into his lower side and cut off two stones in the center. Then my opponent draws out his stone I have in a ladder and I play out the ladder even when I know that white have a ladder breaker. That way I secure my moyos and rescue two of my cut off stones. Next I make a one point move on his lower left corner that he ignores and make an invasion on my left side. But my follow up in the corner is bigger because his corner dies. His invasion is not that small either because he managed to find weakness in my shape that he could take advantage of and capture six stones, but the captured corner is maybe 28 points. I stopped recording but after this my opponent made some serious attempts to invade and kill stones and he almost mangage to do it but I was lucky. He resigned...

PW[Bôĩën]PB[Boywing]WR[6k]BR[5k]DT[2008-08-07]EV[EGC 2008]RO[8]PC[Leksand, Sweden]WT[Belgium]BT[Sweden]US[Mattias Sörlin]RE[B+Resign]

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