Tenth and last game

I won!
I play white and we both start with large territories. Before I can secure my area, my opponent invades and reduce it to nothing. So I have to do the same and I manage quite well. But I am probably behind a bit. I made a couple of stupid mistakes and so did my opponent. He was not so good at reading but instead he was stronger in other areas. In the end he did a huge blunder. I played a move that both threaten to capture three stones and to cut off 35 stones. He connected the three stones and let me cut of 35 stones. He made some desperate moves to attempt a capture of a group of mine, but he would need two moves in a row to do any harm. Then he resigned... and I felt a bit bad for winning like that. I won four games in a row now! So in the main tournament I got 7 wins and 3 losses. Totally 9 wins and 6 losses.

So now I am 4 kyu!

PW[Boywing]PB[Juãn Zèn]WR[5k]BR[4k]DT[2008-08-09]EV[EGC 2008]RO[10]PC[Leksand, Sweden]WT[Sweden]BT[Netherlands]US[Mattias Sörlin]RE[W+Resign]


Girlwing said...


Smernaz said...

Moving up the ladder. Hope there is no ladder block.

David Dang said...

Congratulations on making it to 4k.

How exactly were you able to embed the player onto blogger? It so much easier to see the game on the same page.

Actorios said...

I've just seen that you managed to embed an eidogo file into blogger. I wish I could do the same. Could you help me understand how you did so?

Many thanks in advance,

-- Guillaume

Boywing said...

I made a small HOWTO in this blog post.