Migrationsverket vs Sun Yuan

Girlwing and I had no problems with Migrationsverket, but sometimes they cause a lot of problems for people. One of Girlwings friends in Shanghai is a professional go player and we were happy when we heard that he was coming to EGC in Sweden to compete in the tournament for China. But then he told us that he didn't get a VISA. They were afraid that he will leave China and stay in Sweden. Are they stupid? He have no reason to leave China. He is a go professional! There is no career for him outside Asia and especially not in Sweden.

I just read in mohsarts blog were he show the answer from Maria Bodsunder from Swedish General Consulate in Shanghai. She is stating the reason from Migrationsverket.

It say something like this:
According to set rules from the Migration office, about young chinese, unmarried, without work (eg students) that will not visit close relatives, there must be a grade of concern for the visit. With grade of concern it is not meant to participate in a tournament of "social games".

Like Mohsart so well stated: Calling the European Open Championship in Go for a tournament of "social games" is like calling the world cup in football for children's fun play.

Sun Yuan was coming to EGC to beat all the Koreans and win first price.
If he would have managed to do that (he probably could) then that would be an opening for Chinese players and professionals in EGC for the future. Some strong European players will think that is a bad thing but as for Europe as a whole that will be a very good thing. Well... maybe next year...

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Smernaz said...

Love Migrationsverket. Arbitrarily interpretation of the rules when they do not understand the reason/background.