Xi'An Terracotta Army

You can not go to Xi'An without seeing the famous terracotta army. There are many tousands of soldiers that all look different from each others. We believe that the original soldiers of Chinas first emperor stood models for the clay artists.

The archaeologists found three tombs filled with soldiers and they believe that there are more tombs to be found.

The tombs with all the soldiers are an impressive work. It is quite amazing that the emperor only became 49 years old and still had time to conquer and unify the whole China, to become the first emperor of China, build the first Great wall of China, the Grand canal of China and build this impressive terracotta army. He also arranged book burnings and to bury scholars alive.

His whole life he was striving for eternal life and that is what killed him in the end. He had alchemists trying to make elixir of life to achieve immortality. When he ate some of these pills containing high levels of mercury, he finally died. In one way he became immortal... we still talk about him.

To me he looks like the regular nut-case that is striving for power. People like him should never be let close to any power at all. Still, our history is filled with them.

Here are some soldiers standing guard.

Archaeological excavations are still in progress.

A lot of chattered pieces are put together in an advanced puzzle.

The generals war planning rooms.

Headless war planning in progress.

A piece of nature between the tombs.

A lot of soldiers are found in this way. Both sides of this path is more or less untouched and it is unknown what lies beneath.

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