Beijing Yandai Byway

We have been in Beijing for a couple of days visiting old friends to Girlwing. Soon it is time to go back to Shanghai again but first we decided to take some time for sightseeing.

We once before, in 2006, visited a bar street at night by the river. Just a quick stop and a short walk before we went home. It was dark and a lot of people but it seemed like a nice area. So we wanted to go there again when the sun is shining.

I didn't expect so much people there but it is an old area aiming at tourists so we were not alone there. Though it will be a lot busier at night when all the bars open and everybody is having a party.

On a sign in the end of the street I read: "The Yandai (literally meaning "tobacco pipe") Byway measures 232 meters long. It was known as Gulou Byway over two centuries ago as recorded in an ancient map of the capital city. During the late Qing Dynasty, it was renamed Yandai according to local annals and vendors along the street mainly dealt with smoking sets besides paintings, calligraphic works, jade ware and other curios. As it embodies traditional folk customs and distinctive features of old Beijing, Xicheng District Government launched a protective restoration in 2007; and it was designated as a Speciality Shopping Street by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce."

Street view

 This cool guy was sitting just inside a shops open door, 
chewing his toe nails.

 One of the many small shops along the street.

A midget terracotta soldier, 
equipped and ready to party!

The romantic river where you can hire a pedal boat.

 A lot of bars along the river and the drinks are not expensive.

 When you are too drunk to walk you can let this guy give you a ride back to the hotel. That will cost less than one of the drinks you had.

A local girl.

More shops.

The last dinner in Beijing for this time. This plate is huge! Probably food for at least three persons. Girlwing always buys too much food. But it was tasty!

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