Xi'An Food

Girlwing and I took a late vacation and went to China. First we stayed a couple of days in Shanghai with her parents and met some relatives, then we went straight to Xi'An.

The first day we went out to try different kinds of special street food. There are a couple of streets packed with people and all kinds of food and there is fun stuff to buy everywhere along the streets.

It is a very special atmosphere and if you ever go to Xi'An this is something you have to experience. Everything is very cheap compared to Shanghai or Beijing. Not to mention what it would cost in Europe.

First we ate spicy duck neck in the street. Then some fried rice in a simple restaurant. Girlwing followed that up with some cold noodles and after that a cold dessert that you see getting prepared in the picture to the right. I didn't dare trying the cold food but it didn't matter because my stomach got a bit upset anyway. So I stayed away from the street food for the rest of my stay in Xi'An. Girlwing didn't have any problems so I guess I am just a little more sensitive than she is.

Tomorrow we will go and see some old parts of the city. So stay tuned for some more pictures.

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