Xi'an Museum

On our fourth day in Xi'An we went to the museum. There you can see the history of the area from the stone age to more recent times. A lot of interesting objects to see.

Girlwing was very excited and took pictures of every object she saw. She is so cute, and annoying... It felt like it took us forever to go through the whole museum. But it was worth it!

Here you get a taste of what we saw there. Not too much... If you want to see more then you'll have to go there yourself. You'll need half a day. We used four hours. The tickets are for free, but there are thousands standing in queue. So you do want to go and buy tickets for 20 yuan for the special exhibition to be able to jump the queue.

This Buddha is nice.

Magnificent stone bowl.
Under the table you can see the reflection of the bottom.

Another beautiful jade bowl.

An ancient Chinese coffee mug, or something...

After taking all the pictures, 
Girlwing got hungry and bought her favourite food. Corn cobs!

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