Stockholm Open 2009 - Day 1

The first day of Stockholm Open 2009 is now over. At the moment Girlwing is in the lead after three wins. I didn't play so good and is below the middle in the result list after the first day.

The first game I played against Chili. At first it looked OK for me but then I made a really stupid mistake in the opening which ruined most of my big corner/side territory and made my group split in two. Later I made another mistake on the other side of the board reducing the territory a lot. So I lost quite big...

The second game you can see in the picture. The lover right corner was totally black (mine... all mine... my precious...). White in the middle, top and right was not secure and I just had to attack and gain more points. But I wasted everything and for a while my groups was in danger. In the end I had taken his territory and he had taken mine. So strange game... but I won by 2.5 points.

The third game was another loss. I made a couple of big mistakes and my opponent did not. He thinks a lot and don't do anything hasty and then think some more. I was a bit restless and that is probably why I make mistakes like that.

Tomorrow we play the last two games. Lets see how it goes... I want two wins! Let me be strong!

Stockholm Open 2009 - Day 2

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