Counting lights

In China they have really cool street lights for walking people. When it turns green they start to count down the seconds until it turns red again. I wish we had that everywhere in Sweden. Then you would know if it is an idea to start running or if you see that there is no idea so you can just take it easy because you will never make it anyway.

Now they are trying this kind of green light in Stockholm. They also say that they will probably not use this because we use dynamic timing of the lights depending on the traffic. But I don't see the logical point by that comments. No matter if it is green for five minutes or 15 seconds, you can still have a counting light. Just let it be a green light and as soon there is less than say 30 seconds left it can start counting down. Let be that the counting sometimes starts at 20 seconds but that is ok. Just bring us these lights in Stockholm.

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