AR-System 7.5 - What's new?

To increase the excitement in the project I want us to install the latest version of ARS in the server, mid tier, clients and why not exchange the whole ITSM with version 7.5! Yeeaahh! Here we go! :D

ARS developers x-mas:
  • BMC Remedy Developer Studio. I haven't seen this yet but I have heard a little about what it can be and I want to say: Finally some improvements for us developers! I have also heard that it now can be possible to use Linux instead of this hated Windows for a development platform. I hope it is true. There is also a possibility to search for object, which is great when you have hundreds thousands to manage.
  • Workflow debugger! Yeah! Finally!
  • Version control. You can lock objects for others when you modify them and you can get a log of every change of an object.
  • Application-Set-Filter-Phasing is a new run process command for delaying inserts of entries into a form so that they can be inserted in bulk for greater efficiency.
  • Dynamic join of multiple forms on runtime using API call ARGetListEntryWithMultiSchemaFields. With this you can create recursive queries, value-set queries or joins with vendor form data in an external database.
  • Run process command line can handle 4096 characters instead of 256.
  • ARGetCacheEvent API call can be used to monitor if changes have been done in the workflow or not. Can be useful... we'll see...
  • It is now possible to join external data sources with internal AR System forms.
  • Possible to log to forms instead of to files and then put workflow to filter out what you are really interested in. This can be useful...
  • A new log file for measuring mid-tier performance.
  • 64 bit AR servers for UNIX and Linux using a 64 bit database.
  • Image server object. This is "a place" where to store images in the AR Server. Then references to these images are used when building applications instead of a lot of copies of the same image. It is common to have images on buttons to give them a nicer look and a common feel throughout the application suite. It is a bit strange that they didn't implement this earlier.
  • Remedy Import tool is dead, long live Remedy data import tool! The old tool needed an upgrade so we will see later how much better this all brand new tool is.
  • arimportcmd is dead, long live "a Java data import command-line utility". Hmm.. why?

User impressions, or details that makes the ARS developer cool:
  • Auto completion in fields that have a menu attached.
  • Tooltips which is small messages that are shown when holding the mouse over some field or data. There is a HOVER event that can trigger active links. This sounds quite powerful and can be very useful to create user friendly interfaces.
  • File system browser character field. A new display type for the character field. With this you can search for a file in the network and save the file name in a field but not save the file. I can see its use but it is very limited.
  • Cell-based tables. Display the whole data row with several columns in one cell instead of several. Yes we can make more beautiful designs with this.
  • Possibility to remove the (clear) value from drop-down lists. Our customer will be so happy!
  • Panels! These sounds great... replaces the page holders and in many cases the trim box. These will probably make my life as a user interface designer much easier!
  • The panels in the panel holder can have tabs like the old page holder, collapsible/stacked (not really sure what that is), splitter which lets you see all panels and drag to resize them, accordion which sounds a lot like the old tabs but but a bit cooler.
  • The panels can have solid or gradient colours, background images, rounded corners.
  • Possible to expand or collapse panels with workflow.
  • Possible to trigger workflow on when a panel expand or collapse.
  • Text formatting templates in HTML to be used by workflow with tooltips or viewfields.
  • Buttons and URLs inside a table field.
  • Possibility to use PNG or GIF images and use the transparency effect.
  • Yahoo User Interlace Library, a collection of libraries in JavaScript™. With this library we get the possibility of animated highlight effects of fields using workflow.
  • Quick reports in the browser, saved per server, per form and per user.
  • Flashboards are using Adobe flash technology.
  • There will be a countdown clock in the browser telling an inactive user how much time there is until his license is expired. Do we really need this? Can I turn it off?
  • If you close the web browser or navigate away from the mid-tier, the license will be released after a configurable delay timer has expired. I hope this time can be set really really short, because we see this will be a problem today in earlier versions.

You can read more details here about BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.5.0.

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