BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.5.0

Here it is! In the middle of our project to implement version 7.1.0 of BMC Remedy AR-System and here version 7.5.0 is released. I can not believe that we will jump on the 7.5-wagon this late in the implementation project. But I wish we would... I really do... That would be exciting... in many interesting ways... :P

I will soon dig into the documentation and see what is new about this release. :)


Rhett G said...

Software as a service solves this versioning mess. The majority of Service-now.com customers are former HP Service Desk and BMC Remedy customers. You can check out a live demo instance right now at: http://demo.service-now.com (no registration required)

Frankly, we are a bit surprised that BMC came out with a new release so soon. But since it takes so long for customers to migrate to 7.x, it is almost a non-starter.

Service-now.com issues three major releases per year and customers don't have to lift a finger to benefit from the new functionality. Upgrades are automatic and preserve end-user customizations.

Anonymous said...

Service now is mostly for smaller cusotmers who need minimal functionality and okay to live the static features and the said 3 releases per year to the product.
BMC Remedy gives you so much flexibility with respect to changing whatever you need.
Agreed that the version releases are so fast but thats how fast the processes are evloving.