Bowling hall dessert

Yeah, ice cream! This was a really great treat. The vanilla tasted great but strange and and was the subject of discussion for about 20 minutes. I am not sure that it was pure vanilla ice cream. Probably some other spice included.

Bowling hall dinner

Dinner time! I got a toast with red onion slaw(?) and a beef on top. A bit strange but good. Of course a Newcastle Brown Ale to drink.

Disco Bowling

It's hard to take any pictures of people in the bowling hall. So here is a picture of the bowling hall in Västerås. Our department is out for fun on our yearly get together. I didn't perform so well but ended in top-10.

Fika at work

After lunch we had a department meeting. Halfway through the meeting we took a fika break with coffee and ice cream. I love ice cream! :D

Sambal Oelek, Västerås

Today I ate lunch at Sambal Oelek in Västerås. Tasty tasty! But it could be a lot more spicy. The name of the dish is Bò kho.


Mobile blogging test

I have had this blogger applet in my Sony Ericsson mobile phone for quite some time now. So it is about time to test it out.

The picture is taken with the phone camera not so long ago this autumn. Cold in the air and the poor bug have problems moving. I helped him off my path to the grass on the side and then kept walking home.