GNU Go 3.8

Finally after over three years of slow developments there has been a new release of GNU Go. As of this writing the homepage has not been updated with the new version but I sent them a reminder of it.

I found the information when I was reading the GNU Go mail archive where they have posted a "press release".

The new version is version 3.8 and as they write in their email the changes since last version is:
  • many small improvements and tuning since 3.6
  • experimental Monte Carlo mode (9x9 only)
  • support for tiny boards
  • GPL v3
Another thing what I understand is that they put some extra effort to make it easy to compile the source for windows. It used to be a bit tricky what I understand but now they should have all the needed files and a detailed description of how the process should be executed.

As usual it is very simple to compile the source under Linux.

So go ahead and download the new version to try it out!

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mohsart said...

AFAIK it was never the least bit hard to compile for Windows, the tricky part, when I tried it maaany years ago, was to get it to work with a GUI, eg CGoban