First day in Leksand

Yesterday we did the packing, but we started way to late and finally I got to bed in the middle of the night at two o'clock. Then we have to get up at seven to eat breakfast, pack lunch, move all the flowers to a shady spot (so they'll survive 2 weeks), pack the last stuff and leave for the train station to get tickets. It was quite a stressful morning but we managed to get to the train in time.

Then we had a quite nice train trip where I listened to music while Girlwing slept. :)
In the train we saw quite many weiqi players and when we arrived we saw even more. Some organizers from EGC were there at the train station to give some people a ride to the playing venue and they were so kind to take most of the bags for all the players as well.

They day was very hot and we was walking for long periods of time under the sun and carrying our heavy bags. So exhausting! The worst part was when we walked from the playing venue to our hotel Moskogen. Only 34 min walk but a lot of bags and direct sun and no wind. So when we got to our hotel I bought us an ice-cream each to cool down and we relaxed for a while in our room. That helped a bit but we were still very tired and Girlwing slept for a while again. I should have slept too, but I didn't. Instead I defrosted the fridge and cleaned some kitchen stuff.

It was getting quite late and we needed dinner, so we went in to town and found a supermarket where we got our ingredients for dinner. Girlwing made us chinese food with just a little of my help. She did it very good. She made egg noodles with garlic broccoli and fried eggs and tomatoes.

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